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"Ben Maniscalco has been an active player in the specialty food scene for many years, and has a well developed perspective on how things work. He is a valuable resource when it comes to business growth strategy and as an added bonus, he is fun to work with."

- Maeleine Siegel (Founder- Chocolate Hollow- Burlington, VT)

"Since I started my pretzel business 22 years ago, it has been rare to find someone with as much solid experience and good insight in starting and growing a successful food venture.  I found Ben’s knowledge and razor edged business acumen invaluable in developing new accounts and growing my food business."

Patrick Giantonio – (Owner

Green Mountain Twisters/Patrick’s Artisan Bakery- Woodbury, VT)

"Vermont Condiment is the best Raw Material to Bottled & Ready-To-Sell commercial kitchen in the state.  Not only will Ben help you scale your recipe to accommodate the large kettle & help prepare it, but Ben's experience in the Sales & Marketing aspect to this business is invaluable.  He's been there & done that.  Wholesale, Internet Sales, Direct to Consumer Events, Farmers Markets, etc..He's done it all & shares the do's & don'ts willingly.  Overall, a very satisfying experience." - Jeff Levine (Owner/Founder-Silk City Hot Sauce-Putney, VT)

"Ben dropped everything to talk to us about our newest venture; a regional flour mill.  We’ve been around the block for almost two decades with our wood-fired bakery.  Our newest vision is scaling up and creating processing to connect the farmer, the miller, the baker and the eater.  Ben’s business acumen helped us streamline our operation, create packaging and labels and create a shelf stable product that will be distributed online and in stores - a whole new animal!  Ben is helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and a veritable wealth of information for all things food.  We recommend him wholeheartedly, so if you’ve got a food question in the great State of Vermont - Ben’s your man!" Julie Sperling and Doug Freilich - Spoon Mountain Millers/Naga Bakehouse- Middletown Springs, VT

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