"Ben Maniscalco has been an active player in the specialty food scene for many years, and has a well developed perspective on how things work. He is a valuable resource when it comes to business growth strategy and as an added bonus, he is fun to work with."

- Maeleine Siegel (Founder- Chocolate Hollow- Burlington, VT)

"Since I started my pretzel business 22 years ago, it has been rare to find someone with as much solid experience and good insight in starting and growing a successful food venture.  I found Ben’s knowledge and razor edged business acumen invaluable in developing new accounts and growing my food business."


Patrick Giantonio – (Owner

Green Mountain Twisters/Patrick’s Artisan Bakery- Woodbury, VT)

"Vermont Condiment is the best Raw Material to Bottled & Ready-To-Sell commercial kitchen in the state.  Not only will Ben help you scale your recipe to accommodate the large kettle & help prepare it, but Ben's experience in the Sales & Marketing aspect to this business is invaluable.  He's been there & done that.  Wholesale, Internet Sales, Direct to Consumer Events, Farmers Markets, etc..He's done it all & shares the do's & don'ts willingly.  Overall, a very satisfying experience." - Jeff Levine (Owner/Founder-Silk City Hot Sauce-Putney, VT)