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We offer a wide array of services related to scaling up production for small specialty food companies or for getting a small start up specialty food business off the ground. Our services include everything from production support and copacking services to sales and distribution consulting.


Our goal is to help you grow your specialty food business in correspondence with your own vision. We have been in the specialty food industry in Vermont since 2008 and currently have specialty food products on shelves in over 400 locations throughout the U.S. We have experience working with everyone from local food co-op stores to local chain grocery stores to national chains like Whole foods, Cost Plus World Market and TJ Maxx. 


We offer a full range of services including recipe/product development, manufacturing , strategic sales planning, logistics and distribution. Our main product area of expertise is condiments. However, we have worked with several companies from across the specialty food spectrum.Please check out our testimonials above for more detailed information. Please email or call to set up a complimentary consult call to assess if your business goals align with the services and experience we provide.


phone: Ben at 802-730-6823 

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